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EU ambassador: World Peace World Problems

SEMARANG (FON) – In the framework of the 52nd Anniversary Universitas Diponegoro (Diponegoro University) Semarang, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (Social) Undip held a public lecture by the Ambassador of the European Union under the theme “Contribution of the European Union in Creating World Peace and Prosperity “at Room B.101 Pleburan Jalan Diponegoro University Campus FISIP Bardjo Imam SH, Monday (19/10). Embassy Group consists of the European Union Ambassador Julian Wilson and his staff Frorian Witt and Charles Whitley.

According to the EU Ambassador Julian Wilson, the environment, the economy and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the main concern of the European Union in an effort to create world peace.

“Environmental factors are the first in the business world peace because the environment is now much damaged by global warming. For that we need a common understanding of the preservation of the environment by the countries in the world, “said Julian.

In the economic field, Julian reveals is the perceived economic equality of all countries. “Previously only Western countries that dominate the world perekononomian, but now many advanced countries in Asia such as China, India, and Indonesia,” added Julian.

Julian also explained that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a problem faced by the world, not only the two countries only. Therefore, he said all countries should participate in the Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts.

On the occasion, Julian also gives an overview of the EU contribution to Indonesia’s Aceh peace mission. The EU included in any mediation between the Free Aceh Movement (GAM) as a manifestation of concern for the European Union to the problems faced by Indonesia.

“We also provide social contribution on any natural disasters in Indonesia. For example, the earthquake in Padang and Bantul, “said Julian.

Background cooperation between Indonesia and the European Union is a close partnership that exists around twenty years. “The interests of the European Union in Indonesia, among others, Indonesia’s strategic geographical position that almost 50 percent of the world perdangangan through Indonesia and the EU is the biggest trading partner. Indonesia is one country that is attractive to investors and is the largest market in ASEAN, “said EU Ambassador Staff Charles Whitley.

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