4 Cunning Money Making Moves During Unemployment

Whether by your own decision to skip the rat race, or if you were laid off and find yourself without gainful employment, it’s possible it’s a very difficult time for you. You are not the only one, and people will tell you that, and make countless suggestions on how you can pull yourself up by the boot straps, but the bottom line is knowing you are not alone is not going to help cheer you up. You need to pay the bills whether or not your contemporaries are struggling too. So here are some cunning money-making moves you can do while collecting unemployment and trying to figure out how you’ll actually get out of the doldrums.

1. Arts and Crafts


Not only does engaging in arts and crafts – and really applying yourself to a new trade – keep your mind busy and yourself away from following your grandmother’s favorite soap operas, but you can then in turn sell the crafts for a few extra dollars that you need not claim on a W2. Try to think of something with a local flare to pass off onto tourists, or something with a great utilitarian value that people will see and feel they must have. A magnet with the name of your town is a great way to start. The bucks won’t flow like waterfalls, but it’ll help keep your mind occupied while generating a few extra dollars and cents.

2. Get a Van and Help People on Craigslist with Oversized Items


One thing there’s never a shortage of is folks on Craigslist requiring help moving couches or fridges or what have you. Most people have a reasonably-sized car, and those can only fit so much stuff, so must people when faced with the need to move something big are at a crossroads. What you can do is be the guy that comes to their salvation. And even if you don’t own a big van, with passenger van rental being so cheap at a place like http://www.avonrents.com you can easily rent a van (which saves on liability and insurance) and easily make back the cost and much more just helping out your fellow man. Rewarding, engaging, and money generating.

3. Reuse Reuse Reuse


One way to save money is to not spend money. It’s amazing when you step back from your life when you see all the things that you waste money on on a daily basis. There are many avenues to avoid spending needless money on things like a daily coffee, or bags or containers. You should save everything you generate and find out new uses for these common every day items. It can be a game – it doesn’t have to feel like scrimping and saving like our grandparents did in the Great Depression, it can be fun and rewarding.

4. Dog Walking


If you have the time, the dogs can use the walk. Put up posters and online ads, and you’ll get a few clients guaranteed. There’s always an increasing need for dog walkers, and it’s a great excuse to get out of the house, and you have the time to walk the dogs and think, undistracted from the television or your daily household depressions. It’s a great way to meet people, too, and meeting people can always lead to future opportunity. It brings in some bacon and gets your blood flowing.

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