Dec 11

Big Cars and Small Parking Spaces – A Recipe for Disaster

“Is it just me who thinks that cars are growing bigger by the year – not only bigger but also, and more importantly in this case – w-i-d-e-r! As if that wasn’t enough of a problem it also appears to me that these larger, wider cars are increasingly being driven about by people with little or no spatial awareness whatsoever who seem more interested in Bluetooth than they are in parking spaces.

There’s little wonder that so many cars have damaged fenders and side scrapings – breathing in when you drive through a small parking space really does not help.
It’s not just me that’s noticed, there have been reports about it. Apparently parking space allowances are the same as they have been for 20 years or more whilst cars (not unlike waistbands) have been progressively growing wider and wider. The sad fact is that many parking spaces are just too darned small for the cars which are supposed to park there, and if you do manage to breathe in and squeeze your motor into the allocated space the chances are you won’t be able to open the door wide enough to climb out anyhow.

Apparently around 10 million drivers every year are busy scraping and scratching their motors by trying to do the impossible – parking an enormous SUV into a relatively small parking space. It’s no good scratching your heads, take a look at the car, take a look at the space and if the former is wider than the latter then it won’t go – it’s physics, it’s mechanics, it’s math, it’s pure common sense – once again I reiterate – breathing in makes no difference to the width of the car.
So what’s the solution to this growing problem? Well, a couple of things spring to mind . . .
• Solution #1 – make the car parking spaces bigger, keep on providing more and more space until the entire world is covered with one enormous car park if necessary in order to cope with the ever increasing monster trucks which trundle across the earth over-running all of the smaller, sensible cars which will actually fit into the space
• Solution #2 – buy a smaller car which will still adequately get you, your family, your dog and your shopping from A to B and can be easily parked in the supermarket, train station and any other car lot you may discover.

Pop down to Fiat Van Nuys and you’ll find a great selection of cars which are perfectly capable of fitting into smaller parking spaces – and some terrific larger cars which are suitable only for those drivers with a small amount of spatial awareness and a smidgen of common sense.
Of course, this wouldn’t necessarily be an issue if some drivers would show just a little more consideration for their fellow road users. Parking spaces are small, we’ve established that, and sometimes parking spaces are pretty sparse which means that those drivers who solve the problem by parking in the middle of two parking spaces are the absolute worst of the worst.
When you park your motor make sure that it’s straight, make sure that you’re not taking up half of the space next door and make sure that you don’t park your behemoth so close to the car next door that the driver has to climb in through the window in order to get into their car. Talk about breathing in . . . it’s just really not funny.
You can check out the fabulous motors at without any parking problems whatsoever.”