Dec 16

Building a Tool Kit to Keep in Your Trunk

“Cars break down. This happens to everybody regardless of how well they treat their vehicles. In this situation, you could call AAA and wait for them to arrive, but you can also learn to fix some basic problems yourself. Of course, in order to do this, you will need the proper tools. That is why every good driver should have a tool kit in the trunk with all of the equipment he needs. Here are a few basic items which should go in.
1. Common tools
Besides the stuff which is used for car repair, you will also need the garden variety tools which are used for most repairs. Without these, you are unlikely to accomplish anything. That is why you must ensure that your tool kit has a flashlight, a screwdriver, wrenches of various sizes, duct tape, a hammer etc.

2. Diagnostic scanner
There was a time when most things that went wrong with a car were purely mechanical. However, now a lot of them are electrical. The thing is that, in most cases, the car knows what is wrong and it is trying to tell you, it just can’t. That is not the case if you have a diagnostic scanner. All you have to do is to plug it into your computer jack and it will run a quick diagnostics check and let you know exactly what the problem is.

3. Jumpstart cables
A dead battery is a common problem for cars. In this situation, you could depend on the kindness of strangers and wait for one to give you a jump. However, you will need jumpstart cables for this which you should always keep in your trunk.

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