Mar 15

Tips to start car “in the cold”

One of the biggest difficulties of car users have is the turning on the car when it is exposed to environmental conditions of low temperature, little shelter or when it takes too long for the start of operation of the engine.

Therefore, a series of basic tips are recommended to take into account if and when there is no real mechanical failure that produces this drawback.

First of all, must have car protected from wind and low lighting exposure (this is sometimes not taken into account, but influences in part)

The battery temperature has a great impact on the engine ignition, so sometimes a good trick is to place a hot dry cloth (heated to iron, for example) on the same.

car hood tips to start cold car

In some cars diesel cannot be actuated several times heaters, although this creates a consumption of battery for Starter make one lesser effort.

In gasoline engines, on the other hand, the importance of checking the State of the spark plug is essential, since they are causing the spark that ignites the engine (and if they are not working properly, produce less spark)

If the engine has a carburetor, a good idea is to give one or two pistons Accelerator, producing Prime carburetor and facilitating the cold start.

And, finally, one of the causes that prevent the good engine ignition is to have air filters and fuel blocked, so we must watch them and make his replacement in a given period of time.

Mar 15

6 tips to buy tires

Everything can start with the Abraham Lincoln test: If you see the top of Lincoln’s head when he placed a coin of a penny in the tread of a tire, it’s time to buy a new one. The passage of time, or the damage to the sides of the tires, may also signal that it is necessary to change them.

The replacement may cost a few bucks: in general, between $500 and $800 for the full game.

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However, most of the buyers does not appropriate inquiries before purchasing tires, according to Consumer Reports. Therefore, if you are one of them, use caution and follow these tips to make the most money and the tires.

1. Buy the right size tires. The size of the tires figure on the sides, in a sequence, such as, for instance, P265/70R16. Replacement tires should always be indicated in the manual of the car or those which appear in the frame of the vehicle, not necessarily having at that moment.

2. The age matter, even in the case of the “new” tires. Tires naturally deteriorate with the passage of time, more quickly in warm climates. The date of manufacture of a tire is a four digit number after an alphabetical sequence that begins with DOT, indicating the week and the year in which it was manufactured; 5009, for example, means the 50th week of 2009.

Automotive factories recommend to replace the tires every six years, regardless of the State in which they are found. Given that many businesses accumulate old tires, check the code to make sure that they are not selling you ‘old’ tires soon requiring a new replacement.

3 Learn the jargon. “All season” tires are popular and are a good choice for the majority of drivers. However, do you think that the so-called “high-performance” or “ultra high performance” are better? Think again. The performance of the tires is the ability to respond satisfactorily to high speed; It is not synonymous with life. It is likely any tire that is “high performance” wear more quickly.

Nov 27

Tough figure Nissan GT-R Will Revealed In Detail On December 13, 2012

Undeniably, the presence of the latest generation Nissan R35 GT-R supercar capable of shocking the world. Might car nicknamed ‘Godzilla’ This will be disclosed in detail in the National Geographic TV show ‘Megafactories’, December 13, 2012.

The supercar lovers and are planning to buy a supercar Nissan GT-R R35 in the country, if only mandatory viewing before buying. Entered the ranks of supercar class, the Nissan GT-R is the most inexpensive cars with engines that are also smaller than most of its rivals.

Class supercar was always filled with cars from the V8-engined super up-owned Bugatti W16. Moderate Nissan GT-R R35 rely engine capacity of 3.8 liter V6. And cardiac pacemaker that is armed with a twin-turbocharged assembled with reliable hands at the Nissan plant, the city of Yokohama, Japan.

“This car has been claimed as one of the formidable supercar in history. Nissan GT-R could and managed to reveal an expression of the Nissan brand with the philosophy of ‘Innovation for All’.’s Also a multi-dimensional performance of the engine as well as the ultimate supercar that can be driven by anyone, anytime and anywhere, “said the NatGeo.

So, the supercar lovers and those interested in buying New Nissan GT-R hides miss this event at the National Geographic Megafactories, on Thursday, December 13, 2012.

Nov 27

This is the Best Diesel Cars In Indonesia In 2012

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport back to retain the title Best Diesel SUV in the arena of Indonesian Car Of The Year (ICOTY) 2012, MobilMotor magazine. So stated PT. Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian Motors as Agent licensee (APM) Mitsubishi in the country, in a written statement on Friday, November 23, 2012.

Pajero Sport won the title for three consecutive years since 2010. Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is a vehicle that claimed to contain DNA which is the Rally Dakar rally of the world’s.

Berbodi bongsor car is equipped a 2.5-liter DOHC turbocharged intercooled Commonrail, 4 Cylinder In-line (4D56) powered 136 hp and 314 Nm of torque, and the 2.5-liter DOHC turbocharged intercooled Commonrail, 4 Cylinder In-line (4D56) (HIGH POWER) that capable of producing 178 hp and torque of 350 Nm for Dakar version (

Judging at the event ICOTY 2012 involving 30 car models from 11 car manufacturers in Indonesia. Assessment involves six independent judges during the eight days of testing at Circuit Sentul Sentul City, Bogor. This year has been entered in the delivery ICOTY that to 11.

Nov 27

Latest Enzo Ferrari Offer F1 Sensation

Ferrari sports car manufacturers preparing to launch the successor to the legendary Enzo with code F150 for the spring of next year.

Model F150 has power over 800 horsepower but weighs just 1,100 kg. These vehicles have special capabilities such as car racing circuit but still meet the rules for the car on public roads.

Compared McLaren latest P1, F150 and more sophisticated use of carbon fiber in his body.

Ferrari, based in Maranello Italy, boasted drive F150 F1 on the streets seemed to use. Ferrari not disclose the price of the vehicle.

F150 model is based on improvement from 2005 but Enzo Ferrari model using technical concepts Millechili 2007.

Technical Concepts is a research program weighs 1000 kg which was introduced in celebration of the anniversary of Ferrari’s 60th.

F150 is a compact model based on a carbon fiber monocoque just 70kg (20 percent lighter than the Enzo). The model uses a V12 engine and a small electric motor powered and lithium ion battery pack.

Her 12-V engine is a development of the F12 machine with a 6.3-liter engine that ejects power 731 bhp and the electric motor to provide power around 100 bhp.

Although the F150 can not move on electric power only, Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa said the hybrid Hy-Kers systems will improve performance by 10 percent when the sprint 0-125 mph.

F150 has emission levels 40 percent lower. Felisa also said that the electric motor is an integral part of the torque-vectoring system is new.

Nov 27

BMW M6 Coupe fib G Power Appearing With New Power

German tuner G-Power, has prepared an upgrade program for the BMW M6 Coupe 2012. Party tuner which incidentally is no stranger to creating ‘aftermarket programs’ for the BMW M6 was challenged first time working with a new model car.
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The car is known as the Bi-Tronik M6 III received a new injection of energy from G-Power. Power car recently appointed by the G-Power to number 640 hp (471 kW) and torque of 777 Nm (573 lb-ft), an increase of 80 hp (59 kW) version of the standard. Parties Tuner optimizing twin-turbo V8 engine capacity of 4.4 liters. With these blends, coupe BMW product can be bolted to a maximum speed of 310 km / h.

Another change in the carried G-Power BMW M6 Coupe at this including stainless exhaust  four, Silverstone RS alloy wheels 21 inches in diameter, and RS coilover suspension is also adjustable.