Mar 12

See The Sweetness of Car Rental Business

See Sweetness Car Rental Business

One of the businesses that do not ever deserted interested people from year to year is the car rental business. How not crowded, because it is very lucrative business.

Especially after the help of technology that make the car rental business more inclusive. But this convenience must be supported also by the precision in business.


Like sugar that makes sweet drinks if the proportion of fit. These sugars can even make us sick with diabetes when dosed at random.

To see the sweetness of the car rental business, let’s look at a careful calculation of the following:

How to Get Started
The word legend Bob Sadinoe business, good business is being started. Who asked not continue. Thus, the first capital to do business is a strong determination.

Once you have the capital, immediately set the business strategy. This strategy includes:

– Selection of prospective business locations. Make sure the rental place easily accessible.

– See what kind of vehicle is the favorite of the public. Usually the car seat a lot more desirable.

– Find a car which cost low maintenance and easy spare parts in order to load the operational costs can be reduced.

– Picky insurance for the vehicle to reduce the risk of loss.

– Prepare a detailed administrative arrangements and complete. Thus, consumer data and the condition of the vehicle is always recorded.

– Build business networks. For example, joined the seminar about business. Or participating organization of businesses in the area.

– If you use a driver, select credible, orderly, and responsible. Do not let the vehicle rental falls in the hands of the reckless driver.

– Calculate and potential capital gains.

Ensure Profits
What is important but sometimes not carefully calculated is the capital and a car rental business profits. Which is often seen profits doang. Though capital also determines the large-small profits.

To accurately calculate the potential profit, first determine matters relating to the capital the following:

– New or Used Car

The new car is certainly more attractive than the former consumer. In addition, the new car maintenance costs low at least until 3 years. Plus, the insurance business more smoothly if the insured car was new.

The used cars are cheaper. In addition, typically are mounted accessories such as window film, so we do not need to buy again.

– Credit or cash?

Buy cash could if money there. With the purchase of cash, we do not have the burden of monthly installments. That is, there is not a risk if the debt collector attended nunggak installment.

Car loans are suitable for limited bujetnya. If a business smoothly, we just need to ngeluarin money to DP. Duit car rental yields could be used to pay for layaway plan.

Barriers and Development
Car rental business is not without obstacles. These barriers include:

– Cars taken away / lost

– Car damaged / scratched / involved in an accident

– Sepi tenants

About the car taken away can be prevented by holding the tenant’s identity card and asked for bail money, such as Rp 500 thousand to Rp 1 million. Place the safety device in a car, for example, alarms, steering wheel locks, and GPS tracker.

As a matter of damaged cars can be overcome by taking insurance. Make sure we understand the intricacies of vehicle insurance claims though not rejected.

Meanwhile, if quiet tenant, we must develop a creative business with. Today there are companies that are very helpful app Uber car rental business in Jakarta.

But the legality of the business is still being negotiated. If you’ve certainly legal, just let me come greater opportunities to attract customers.

In addition, we can pierce the companies to offer rental services for their corporate purposes. Maybe they want to rent a routine for the long term. For rental costs less than purchasing an official car.

Other ideas also need to be explored in terms of marketing let people know that we’ve got this car rental business. Car rental business outline is very tempting. Importantly, we always take into account everything carefully before diving this business.