Dec 26

Soak Up The Sun With These Beach Essentials

Almost everyone loves going to the beach. A day out in the sun just makes you feel good. You get to enjoy being outside and enjoying the wind and water while still enjoying your favorite things and looking good. Here are some of the new essentials that are must-haves for any beach trip.

1. A Portable Speaker

The technology surrounding portable speakers has really improved in the past few years, making it easier than ever to take your music with you no matter where you go. With a good cell connection and a Bluetooth speaker, you can stream music from Pandora and Spotify and listen to your downloads with a quality that didn’t exist before, all wirelessly. Prices can vary depending on the quality of your speaker and the brand. If you are taking it out on the sand, think about spending a little more on a portable speaker that is also sand and water resistant.

2. A Hot Bathing Suit

Hot bathing suits come for people of all shapes and sizes and can fit any style. You can get a traditional bikini just about anywhere. If you have different tastes than that, you can go for a retro look, sold by many online retailers now. With a vintage bathing suit, you can have something that will look good on you without showing too much and it is flattering even for curvier figures. Don’t settle for the first suit you can find. Do some searching and find one that really fits your style.

3. A Convertible

With a convertible, half the fun of going to the beach can be the trip there. With the Nissan 370Z Roadster, available from Nissan Los Angeles, you can have a car that is stylish and fast and still have the wind go through your hair during your trek to the beach. This sporty convertible boasts 332 HP for a fast ride and has great luxury features available such as a leather interior, alloy wheels and a Bose sound system. This car is smoking hot for your beach trips. Find out more at