Nov 27

Latest Enzo Ferrari Offer F1 Sensation

Ferrari sports car manufacturers preparing to launch the successor to the legendary Enzo with code F150 for the spring of next year.

Model F150 has power over 800 horsepower but weighs just 1,100 kg. These vehicles have special capabilities such as car racing circuit but still meet the rules for the car on public roads.

Compared McLaren latest P1, F150 and more sophisticated use of carbon fiber in his body.

Ferrari, based in Maranello Italy, boasted drive F150 F1 on the streets seemed to use. Ferrari not disclose the price of the vehicle.

F150 model is based on improvement from 2005 but Enzo Ferrari model using technical concepts Millechili 2007.

Technical Concepts is a research program weighs 1000 kg which was introduced in celebration of the anniversary of Ferrari’s 60th.

F150 is a compact model based on a carbon fiber monocoque just 70kg (20 percent lighter than the Enzo). The model uses a V12 engine and a small electric motor powered and lithium ion battery pack.

Her 12-V engine is a development of the F12 machine with a 6.3-liter engine that ejects power 731 bhp and the electric motor to provide power around 100 bhp.

Although the F150 can not move on electric power only, Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa said the hybrid Hy-Kers systems will improve performance by 10 percent when the sprint 0-125 mph.

F150 has emission levels 40 percent lower. Felisa also said that the electric motor is an integral part of the torque-vectoring system is new.