Nov 18

Car-Appropriate Nibbles, Munchies, and Snacks For Your Long Road Trip

“It can happen to the best of us, we just get settled on the long road listening to our favorite tunes and suddenly it hits you – no, we’re not talking about needing a bathroom break and driving fatigue, we’re talking a powerful case of the munchies, a snack attack, call it what you like but you start to feel more than just a little hungry and in need of some nibbles.
So what do you do? Stop at the next gas station for an energy drink and Snickers, maybe a bag of salted nuts and a bottle of water? They might do the trick for a while but with a little bit of planning ahead you can easily avoid the soda, the candy and the other convenience junk and have some delicious, nutritious, tasty snacks ready for when the snack attacks take you by surprise.
It’s as simple as packing an overnight bag really, but instead of pajamas and toothpaste you need to remember a few goodies. Treat yourself to an insulator bag or car cooler and a few resealing bags and you’re ready to go.
• Nuts – are a great alternative to the humble potato chip and much better for you. They actually help you to keep full for longer and don’t even melt on your fingers like some snacks. They’re packed with fiber, protein and healthy fats and actually contribute to your daily nutritional needs instead of being something which you try not to count at the end of the day.

• Fruits – are one of the very best snacks on the go you can find. Store fruits inside containers in your cooler to keep them cool, fresh and refreshing, either fresh or cubed depending on the fruit. Don’t forget dried fruits too – dried raisins, apricots, cranberries are all great snack foods for a road trip. Super duper snack tip from the guys at San Bernardino Nissan – avoid fruit with pits like cherries, they are far too messy to eat on a road trip.
• Veggies – are easy to prepare and make fabulous road trip snacks too. It just takes a little preparation. Pick out your favorites, I love cherry tomatoes, broccoli florets, carrot sticks, celery sticks – you could even pack a hummus dip or a tub of peanut butter to help keep your energy levels high and your hunger levels low.

• Hard boiled eggs – okay, you can peel them before you set off if you’re driving, but hard boiled eggs make a delicious, easy filling snack on the go. Just boil them, peel them, pop them into a container in your insulated cooler and enjoy at your leisure.
• Sandwiches – it’s all about thinking “picnic”. Sandwiches are a quick and easy method of keeping hunger at bay whilst on a road trip. You might have to pop them into the insulated cooler depending upon your chosen sandwich filling. Nut butter and jelly will do just fine on the outside, cheese or meats will definitely keep better in a chilled environment.

• Trail mix – okay, so you might not be hiking the trail but surely driving along the trail counts for something. You can buy some readymade trail mix or invent your own combination of your favorites – a mixture of raw nuts, granola, seeds, dried fruits and anything else you fancy. A few dark chocolate chips can add a dash of sweetness.
Just remember that the snacks you take need to be high on taste, high on ease of use and low on mess, which should do it.
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