Nissan Indonesia Skill best technicians in ASEAN

PT Nissan Motor Indonesia (NMI) proven expertise through the achievements of the technicians at The 9th ASEAN Skills Competition recently. Agung Mahendra, one of the outlets Halim Nissan engineers managed to get a gold medal and won the first position in the category of Automotive Skill at the ASEAN level.

“We are very proud of the achievements of the Great Mahendra, he represents the skills of the technicians Nissan. This proves our commitment to providing total ownership experience for customers by continuing to deliver smart product which is also backed by after sales service are satisfactory,” Kintaro Izumida as President Director of NMI

ASEAN Skills Competition is an activity of international vocational skills competition held every two years. The participants were young people aged up to ASEAN countries 22 years that have passed the selection and judged to have a standard of expertise. For three days, participants compete in a variety of specific vocational field against predetermined standards.

Success Agung Mahendra won the first position in the category of Automotive Skill contribute to the delegation of Indonesia to become the overall champion. Represented by 42 participants of the competition, Indonesia win 19 gold medals, 12 silver medals, two bronze medals, and 7 medallion for excellence, medals were awarded to participants who could pass the standard value.

In addition to scholarships, the Supreme joint winner of each will be contested by the champions vocational skills Student Competition (LKS) is organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The winner will be sent to represent Indonesia to attend World Skills Competition (WSC) 2013, which will take place in Leipzig, Germany.

“We hope that, with a given stock of Nissan and skills training centers that have proven Great at the ASEAN level, can bring it into the best in the world. Going forward, we will continue to enhance the training and expertise of the technicians as part of an effort to improve customer satisfaction , “concluded Izumida.

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