Tips to start car “in the cold”

One of the biggest difficulties of car users have is the turning on the car when it is exposed to environmental conditions of low temperature, little shelter or when it takes too long for the start of operation of the engine.

Therefore, a series of basic tips are recommended to take into account if and when there is no real mechanical failure that produces this drawback.

First of all, must have car protected from wind and low lighting exposure (this is sometimes not taken into account, but influences in part)

The battery temperature has a great impact on the engine ignition, so sometimes a good trick is to place a hot dry cloth (heated to iron, for example) on the same.

car hood tips to start cold car

In some cars diesel cannot be actuated several times heaters, although this creates a consumption of battery for Starter make one lesser effort.

In gasoline engines, on the other hand, the importance of checking the State of the spark plug is essential, since they are causing the spark that ignites the engine (and if they are not working properly, produce less spark)

If the engine has a carburetor, a good idea is to give one or two pistons Accelerator, producing Prime carburetor and facilitating the cold start.

And, finally, one of the causes that prevent the good engine ignition is to have air filters and fuel blocked, so we must watch them and make his replacement in a given period of time.

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