Dec 26

Soak Up The Sun With These Beach Essentials

Almost everyone loves going to the beach. A day out in the sun just makes you feel good. You get to enjoy being outside and enjoying the wind and water while still enjoying your favorite things and looking good. Here are some of the new essentials that are must-haves for any beach trip.

1. A Portable Speaker

The technology surrounding portable speakers has really improved in the past few years, making it easier than ever to take your music with you no matter where you go. With a good cell connection and a Bluetooth speaker, you can stream music from Pandora and Spotify and listen to your downloads with a quality that didn’t exist before, all wirelessly. Prices can vary depending on the quality of your speaker and the brand. If you are taking it out on the sand, think about spending a little more on a portable speaker that is also sand and water resistant.

2. A Hot Bathing Suit

Hot bathing suits come for people of all shapes and sizes and can fit any style. You can get a traditional bikini just about anywhere. If you have different tastes than that, you can go for a retro look, sold by many online retailers now. With a vintage bathing suit, you can have something that will look good on you without showing too much and it is flattering even for curvier figures. Don’t settle for the first suit you can find. Do some searching and find one that really fits your style.

3. A Convertible

With a convertible, half the fun of going to the beach can be the trip there. With the Nissan 370Z Roadster, available from Nissan Los Angeles, you can have a car that is stylish and fast and still have the wind go through your hair during your trek to the beach. This sporty convertible boasts 332 HP for a fast ride and has great luxury features available such as a leather interior, alloy wheels and a Bose sound system. This car is smoking hot for your beach trips. Find out more at

Dec 16

Building a Tool Kit to Keep in Your Trunk

“Cars break down. This happens to everybody regardless of how well they treat their vehicles. In this situation, you could call AAA and wait for them to arrive, but you can also learn to fix some basic problems yourself. Of course, in order to do this, you will need the proper tools. That is why every good driver should have a tool kit in the trunk with all of the equipment he needs. Here are a few basic items which should go in.
1. Common tools
Besides the stuff which is used for car repair, you will also need the garden variety tools which are used for most repairs. Without these, you are unlikely to accomplish anything. That is why you must ensure that your tool kit has a flashlight, a screwdriver, wrenches of various sizes, duct tape, a hammer etc.

2. Diagnostic scanner
There was a time when most things that went wrong with a car were purely mechanical. However, now a lot of them are electrical. The thing is that, in most cases, the car knows what is wrong and it is trying to tell you, it just can’t. That is not the case if you have a diagnostic scanner. All you have to do is to plug it into your computer jack and it will run a quick diagnostics check and let you know exactly what the problem is.

3. Jumpstart cables
A dead battery is a common problem for cars. In this situation, you could depend on the kindness of strangers and wait for one to give you a jump. However, you will need jumpstart cables for this which you should always keep in your trunk.

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Dec 11

Big Cars and Small Parking Spaces – A Recipe for Disaster

“Is it just me who thinks that cars are growing bigger by the year – not only bigger but also, and more importantly in this case – w-i-d-e-r! As if that wasn’t enough of a problem it also appears to me that these larger, wider cars are increasingly being driven about by people with little or no spatial awareness whatsoever who seem more interested in Bluetooth than they are in parking spaces.

There’s little wonder that so many cars have damaged fenders and side scrapings – breathing in when you drive through a small parking space really does not help.
It’s not just me that’s noticed, there have been reports about it. Apparently parking space allowances are the same as they have been for 20 years or more whilst cars (not unlike waistbands) have been progressively growing wider and wider. The sad fact is that many parking spaces are just too darned small for the cars which are supposed to park there, and if you do manage to breathe in and squeeze your motor into the allocated space the chances are you won’t be able to open the door wide enough to climb out anyhow.

Apparently around 10 million drivers every year are busy scraping and scratching their motors by trying to do the impossible – parking an enormous SUV into a relatively small parking space. It’s no good scratching your heads, take a look at the car, take a look at the space and if the former is wider than the latter then it won’t go – it’s physics, it’s mechanics, it’s math, it’s pure common sense – once again I reiterate – breathing in makes no difference to the width of the car.
So what’s the solution to this growing problem? Well, a couple of things spring to mind . . .
• Solution #1 – make the car parking spaces bigger, keep on providing more and more space until the entire world is covered with one enormous car park if necessary in order to cope with the ever increasing monster trucks which trundle across the earth over-running all of the smaller, sensible cars which will actually fit into the space
• Solution #2 – buy a smaller car which will still adequately get you, your family, your dog and your shopping from A to B and can be easily parked in the supermarket, train station and any other car lot you may discover.

Pop down to Fiat Van Nuys and you’ll find a great selection of cars which are perfectly capable of fitting into smaller parking spaces – and some terrific larger cars which are suitable only for those drivers with a small amount of spatial awareness and a smidgen of common sense.
Of course, this wouldn’t necessarily be an issue if some drivers would show just a little more consideration for their fellow road users. Parking spaces are small, we’ve established that, and sometimes parking spaces are pretty sparse which means that those drivers who solve the problem by parking in the middle of two parking spaces are the absolute worst of the worst.
When you park your motor make sure that it’s straight, make sure that you’re not taking up half of the space next door and make sure that you don’t park your behemoth so close to the car next door that the driver has to climb in through the window in order to get into their car. Talk about breathing in . . . it’s just really not funny.
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Dec 10

4 Cunning Money Making Moves During Unemployment

Whether by your own decision to skip the rat race, or if you were laid off and find yourself without gainful employment, it’s possible it’s a very difficult time for you. You are not the only one, and people will tell you that, and make countless suggestions on how you can pull yourself up by the boot straps, but the bottom line is knowing you are not alone is not going to help cheer you up. You need to pay the bills whether or not your contemporaries are struggling too. So here are some cunning money-making moves you can do while collecting unemployment and trying to figure out how you’ll actually get out of the doldrums.

1. Arts and Crafts


Not only does engaging in arts and crafts – and really applying yourself to a new trade – keep your mind busy and yourself away from following your grandmother’s favorite soap operas, but you can then in turn sell the crafts for a few extra dollars that you need not claim on a W2. Try to think of something with a local flare to pass off onto tourists, or something with a great utilitarian value that people will see and feel they must have. A magnet with the name of your town is a great way to start. The bucks won’t flow like waterfalls, but it’ll help keep your mind occupied while generating a few extra dollars and cents.

2. Get a Van and Help People on Craigslist with Oversized Items


One thing there’s never a shortage of is folks on Craigslist requiring help moving couches or fridges or what have you. Most people have a reasonably-sized car, and those can only fit so much stuff, so must people when faced with the need to move something big are at a crossroads. What you can do is be the guy that comes to their salvation. And even if you don’t own a big van, with passenger van rental being so cheap at a place like you can easily rent a van (which saves on liability and insurance) and easily make back the cost and much more just helping out your fellow man. Rewarding, engaging, and money generating.

3. Reuse Reuse Reuse


One way to save money is to not spend money. It’s amazing when you step back from your life when you see all the things that you waste money on on a daily basis. There are many avenues to avoid spending needless money on things like a daily coffee, or bags or containers. You should save everything you generate and find out new uses for these common every day items. It can be a game – it doesn’t have to feel like scrimping and saving like our grandparents did in the Great Depression, it can be fun and rewarding.

4. Dog Walking


If you have the time, the dogs can use the walk. Put up posters and online ads, and you’ll get a few clients guaranteed. There’s always an increasing need for dog walkers, and it’s a great excuse to get out of the house, and you have the time to walk the dogs and think, undistracted from the television or your daily household depressions. It’s a great way to meet people, too, and meeting people can always lead to future opportunity. It brings in some bacon and gets your blood flowing.

Nov 18

Car-Appropriate Nibbles, Munchies, and Snacks For Your Long Road Trip

“It can happen to the best of us, we just get settled on the long road listening to our favorite tunes and suddenly it hits you – no, we’re not talking about needing a bathroom break and driving fatigue, we’re talking a powerful case of the munchies, a snack attack, call it what you like but you start to feel more than just a little hungry and in need of some nibbles.
So what do you do? Stop at the next gas station for an energy drink and Snickers, maybe a bag of salted nuts and a bottle of water? They might do the trick for a while but with a little bit of planning ahead you can easily avoid the soda, the candy and the other convenience junk and have some delicious, nutritious, tasty snacks ready for when the snack attacks take you by surprise.
It’s as simple as packing an overnight bag really, but instead of pajamas and toothpaste you need to remember a few goodies. Treat yourself to an insulator bag or car cooler and a few resealing bags and you’re ready to go.
• Nuts – are a great alternative to the humble potato chip and much better for you. They actually help you to keep full for longer and don’t even melt on your fingers like some snacks. They’re packed with fiber, protein and healthy fats and actually contribute to your daily nutritional needs instead of being something which you try not to count at the end of the day.

• Fruits – are one of the very best snacks on the go you can find. Store fruits inside containers in your cooler to keep them cool, fresh and refreshing, either fresh or cubed depending on the fruit. Don’t forget dried fruits too – dried raisins, apricots, cranberries are all great snack foods for a road trip. Super duper snack tip from the guys at San Bernardino Nissan – avoid fruit with pits like cherries, they are far too messy to eat on a road trip.
• Veggies – are easy to prepare and make fabulous road trip snacks too. It just takes a little preparation. Pick out your favorites, I love cherry tomatoes, broccoli florets, carrot sticks, celery sticks – you could even pack a hummus dip or a tub of peanut butter to help keep your energy levels high and your hunger levels low.

• Hard boiled eggs – okay, you can peel them before you set off if you’re driving, but hard boiled eggs make a delicious, easy filling snack on the go. Just boil them, peel them, pop them into a container in your insulated cooler and enjoy at your leisure.
• Sandwiches – it’s all about thinking “picnic”. Sandwiches are a quick and easy method of keeping hunger at bay whilst on a road trip. You might have to pop them into the insulated cooler depending upon your chosen sandwich filling. Nut butter and jelly will do just fine on the outside, cheese or meats will definitely keep better in a chilled environment.

• Trail mix – okay, so you might not be hiking the trail but surely driving along the trail counts for something. You can buy some readymade trail mix or invent your own combination of your favorites – a mixture of raw nuts, granola, seeds, dried fruits and anything else you fancy. A few dark chocolate chips can add a dash of sweetness.
Just remember that the snacks you take need to be high on taste, high on ease of use and low on mess, which should do it.
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Nov 16

Nascar Did Something Right: Common Car Technology Attributed to Racing

“Motoring sports are not only incredibly popular all over the world, but they also have provided us with a lot of the technology which is now included in our everyday cars. Sports such as Formula 1 and NASCAR are always looking for new ways to improve their cars and many of these ways turn out to be pretty useful for regular drivers, too. Here is a look at some of the most relevant innovations to come out of racing.
1. Push button starts
Many new cars feature this keyless engine starting system which is taken directly from racing cars. The goal is to save time. That extra second it takes to start a car using a key might not affect us tremendously, but it makes a lot of difference in racing. You might notice that certain cars also have the button on the left side. This is also thanks to racing so that the drivers can press it and use the transmission at the same time.

2. Exterior design
Some of the most beautiful and most powerful sports cars feature exterior designs which are clearly inspired by racing cars. This is because these kinds of cars are built to be as aerodynamic as possible so it will reduce drag.

3. Lightweight materials
In order to improve performance, automakers are always looking for new ways to make their cars lighter. There is a limit to how much stuff they can remove from cars in order to shed weight so a better alternative is to make that stuff out of lighter materials. The perfect example for this is carbon fiber, a material which was first predominant in race cars and now is found in commercial vehicles, as well.

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