Jun 25

Getting Your Car Fixed in Boulder, Colorado

Your car has been a reliable one for the time you’ve had it, and unfortunately, something is wrong with it now. Getting your car fixed can be extremely stressful. Not only can it cost a decent bit of money, but it can also be hard to trust people with your pride and joy. If you are someone who lives in the Boulder, Colorado area, and you need to get your car fixed, then be sure to visit http://www.independentmotors.com and learn more about this great company. Independent Motors is a company that has been trusted by many regular customers for a long time. You may have heard stories about people getting a fast one pulled on them at other repair shops, but that does not happen at Independent Motors. They only sell you things you actually need, instead of trying to meet a “quota” with each customer. They also have a group of reliable employees who will get the job done right.

Jun 05

Really Need to Find Some Auto Repair in Colorado Springs

Stairmaster From Hell « I'm Not a Native, But I Got Here as Soon as I ...I was coming home from visiting my girlfriend on the coast when I hit a dust storm in Wyoming. It was strong enough to sand blast the paint off my car. I also have some dents that need repaired and figure it would be a good idea to get the engine checked after such a long trip. I know the engine is getting old. So I am looking for auto repair colorado springs.

I am currently asking all of my friends for suggestions on who to go too. I would like to get it all done in one place if I can rather than have to move around getting pain here and body work there and engine over there. One friend did say he has a guy who can get things cheap and does not charge much for labor but I do not think he does paint.