Aug 20

Torque and Power of an engine. Do you really know what they are?

Torque and Power of an engine. Do you really know what they are?

Torque and power are present in all the technical data sheets and every time we go to buy a new vehicle we always emphasize that data but, do we know what they are?

If you are about to buy a new car but when you read the technical data you are not sure what it means or you do not know what torque and power can benefit you, do not worry, let’s clear up some doubts about this topic of mechanics .

The first thing you should know is that torque and power are related. Both are indicators of engine operation. A car with a great speed therefore has a great strength.

However, if an engine has more torque does not mean it has a great power. The diesel cars are a clear example, although with the technological advances this statement loses its meaning.


… It refers to the force that bodies produce in rotation, it measures the capacity of the engine to produce a job. Mathematically it is the product of force by distance (Par = Force x Distance).

In an internal combustion engine, the force is produced by the explosion of the mixture (air / gasoline) inside the cylinder; This explosion, which is applied to the piston head, is transmitted through the connecting rod to the crankshaft, which transforms the vertical movement into a rotary movement. And it is measured mostly in Newton / meters.

The maximum torque is the number of turns that the torque generates in a certain number of laps.

Take a pencil at the ends with the fingertips of both hands. With the fingers of the left hand try to turn it (motor) and with the right hand try to prevent it from turning. The more force you do to keep it from turning, the greater the effort required to spin it.

The power is the speed with which the engine can work, that is to say, it is the speed with which a work can be done. Now, mathematically, it refers to the amount of work done in a unit of time (Power = Work / Time).

They are measured in CV (Steam Horse), KW (Kilowatts) or HP (horsepower).

The maximum power refers to the greater number obtained by multiplying the torque of the engine by the speed of rotation in which it generates it. PM (maximum power) = Torque x RPM (Revolutions per minute).